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an artistic rendering of a futuristic building at night
Sky-High Living Al Sharq Tower is a unique mix of iconic form and ingenious structure. A spiraling filigree of structural cables wrap around the perimeter of all nine tubes, allowing for a height of 360 meters. Each of these cylinders, with an individual aspect ratio of 1:30, amplifies the notion of slenderness. Learn more
an image of a very tall building in the middle of a city with people walking around it
Office Building - Marketing Project
Office Building - Marketing Project on Behance
an apartment building with multiple balconies and windows
Gallery of Golestan Apartment / Razan Architects - 6
Image 6 of 27 from gallery of Golestan Apartment / Razan Architects. Photograph by Parham Taghioff
an apartment building with balconies and flowers on the balconies are shown
House Design Facade Architecture 31 Ideas
a tall brick building with balconies and plants growing on it's windows
طراحی نمای مدرن آجری توسط علیرضا تغابنی_تهران ایده های مثبت طراح
the building is made out of concrete and has multiple windows on each side that are lined with small squares
25 Best Examples of Modern Architecture Buildings - Vintagetopia
an artist's rendering of a building with multiple balconies and plants on the windows
🅰rchitectural Platform 💯 on Instagram: “Your thoughts about this Facade ? | Gol Afshan residence, facade study, designed by @alrzsh . Render by @mohammad_reza_hoorjandi . _ •Tag…”