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La Provence et ses Champs de Lavande

The peaceful Lavender fields in Provence - France

Champ de lavande, Provence

Lavender Mist, Provence, France photo by birgit. I love the look and idea of a lavender field but probably couldn't stand the smell without sneezing lots.

Sénanque, Vaucluse, France

Lavender fields, Provence, France Huge fields of lavender are grown and harvested every year in France and the UK. Provence in southeastern France is particularly renowned for its geometric purple landscapes, blooming in late June and early July.

Champs de lavande - Toulonnais

Champs de lavande - Toulonnais

#Lavande de Grasse

Lavande field in Grasse Stone & Living - Immobilier de prestige…

Terre de prédilection

“Lavender Field - Valensole, France by Eric Rousset”

Champ de lavande 2

The lavender in Provence as amazing; fat curvy lines of purple.

Champ de lavande - Angleterre  //  Lavender fields, Castle Farm - Shoreham Kent - England

Lavender Fields, Castle Farm, Shoreham, Kent, England by John A. King I have always wanted farm lavender fields


Le temps du lila ~~Untitled by

les champs de lavande

Lavender fields via Cristina Trujillo. I can just imagine the scent on the wind!