Ionut Petrehus

Ionut Petrehus

Ionut Petrehus
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Hidden in the vast galaxy is an “all seeing eye” which adds more mystery to your tattoo. However the symbol is generally for symbolism of spiritual awakening and power.

sri yantra - Căutare Google

The Sri Yantra is a fundamental symbol of Hindu Tantra and illustrate the union of feminine (Shakti) and masculine (Shiva) power.

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Tribal tattoos are under-rated. From feminine designs to daunting expressions, get your inspiration juices flowing with these top 49 tribal tattoos.

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I’m sure you’ve seen one or more of these amazing tattoos online, all done by 2 Spirit Tattoo. “Making beautiful custom tattoos is what we do” as they said.

katia sacred geometry nice sleeve

Tattoo Artist You Should Get To Know: Katia Somerville