Bulgarian Traditions and Crafts - Martenitsa

M artenitsa is one of the most distinctive pagan rituals in Bulgaria. It embodies many symbols - the welcoming of spring and the .


Photo credit: Arne Zacher In Bulgaria there is a centuries old tradition of celebrating Baba Marta aka ‘Grandmother March Day.’ It begins on March and continues all month long.

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Yarn Dolls - my grandma actually used these as tassels on my baby blanket she crocheted for me.

Martenitsa, red and white tasselled strings, traditionally tied around the wrist in Bulgaria on 1 March, Baba Marta (Grandmother March day) in Bulgaria; white symbolises snow/death and red, blood/life, and thus the martenitsa suggests the passing of winter and arrival of spring; martenitsa are traditionally worn until a stork, swallow, budding tree or another sign of spring is sighted.

At work today many of our coworkers presented us with the traditional martenitsa, the red and white strings .

как да си направим сами мартеничка

как да си направим сами мартеничка