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Men style.

Winter palettes paint the best outfits. Topcoat: Bonobos mainline grey checked Sweatshirt/Belt: Todd Snyder Scarf: The Tie Bar Shoes: SupergaUSA Watch: Timex for J.Crew Hat: Human Scales Denim: R

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Clothes mean nothing until someone has lived in them. Marc Jacobs Boots: Jacket: /grayers/ Gilbert Short Jacket Denim: /baldwin/ Gloves: /upstatestock/ Shirt: /grayers/ Watch: /timex/ for /jcrew/ Belt: Glasses: /rayban/ by thepacm

I didn't know I've been doing it wrong. Until now.

A vespa velutina nigrithorax, máis coñecida como avespa asiática ou asasina, é unha especie invasora que está poñendo en perigo a apicultura galega. Loitar c.