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Runners need to have the right nutrition: a decent intake of calcium for strong bones, proteins for energy and lots of hydration. Perfect diet would be the one that maintains a balance of these. Lots of veggies and fruits, milk paired with bananas or eggs, dairy products esp. yogurt, salmon, lentils, cereals and oats and lots of water should do the trick
Great Street Runner | Eat your Iron!

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Great Street Runner | Don’t forget your proteins!

Weight Loss Article Regarding Protein via Fitness RX Women Magazine. random random workout-inspiration perfect-body just-do-it sexy-abs

Great Street Runner | Food trend 2016: Seaweed

Seaweed may resemble slimy spinach, but the fact is that this marine vegetable is packed with a range of nutrients and offers more health benefits. You may not consume seaweed like a regular vegetable, but once you are aware of