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How to Escape Zip Ties ~ something everyone should know just in case... Front and Behind How-To Videos

Self-Defense: 12 Self-Defense Tips That Could Come In Handy One Day. (Sad people think swearing makes you tough. But some good personal safety/ self-defense tips are linked.

DIY Solar Lamp: Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Sun Jars. Great to take camping to illuminate the site at night!

DIY Solar Lamp: Make your own Eco-Friendly Sun Jar. This is simply a way of taking an existing solar lamp ( garden stake style) and gluing it (solar panel skyward) inside a sealable jar. Soak up sun outside in the day, use indoors at night!


Primitive Water Purification Do It Yourself Project -- The Homestead Survival - Water Storage and Purification - Homesteading - Emergency Preparedness

Snares ... small game for food.

In case you find yourself in an outdoor survival situation. Snares and traps- Everyone should know this and about the edible plants (and be able to make a positive ID of those plants if in doubt it's best not to use).

The Fire-Plow Method of Bushcraft and Survival Fire Building. It was amazing to watch a Polynesian man with thigh sized arms use this method to start a fire in seconds.

The fire plow DOES work but not as well as the fire bow. However, if you don't have a string this is effective. Tried this at Red River Gorge.

Build a rocket stove for outdoor cooking.  It uses a little bit of fuel for a long fire.

How to build a Rocket Stove (One of the best and most efficient ways to cook in an emergency) out of tin cans. -- More details can be found by clicking on the image.

How to Make a Large Fishing Hook Using a Thorn / / Jon's Bushcraft

Making a large fishing hook using only what nature provides. A thorn, strong natural fibers and a piece of wood. ❣Julianne McPeters❣ no pin limits