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a view of the ocean from an outdoor restaurant in positanoa, italy
Beautiful Positano Village, Italy
an instagram photo taken on the iphone
Bellagio - Lake Como - Italy
the snow covered mountains are reflected in the still water of this small town, with houses on stilts
Reine on the Lofoten Islands #Norway by David Clapp. #ScanAdventures
an aerial view of some houses in the snow with mountains in the backgroud
f o r e m m a, f o r e v e r a g o
Lofoten, Norway
there are many boats docked at the dock in the water and mountains around it,
Lake Lovatnet - Stryn, Norway
an aerial view of a city with buildings and trees in the foreground, including a dome - shaped building
Positano Italy Salerno Campania
an outdoor area with flowers and greenery on the wall, along with color swatches
Le Petitchouchou
the sun is setting over an ocean and rocky coastline with mountains in the background, as seen from high above
Beautiful Nature
Preikestolen, Forsand, Norway, by Florencio Barroso, on 500px.
a man standing on top of a cliff next to a lake in the middle of mountains
Kjeragbolten Lysefjorden, 1000 Metros por Encima del Fiordo, Noruega
a lake surrounded by mountains and trees
Ulvik, Norway
a boat is docked in the water next to a wooden house on a shore with mountains in the background
Summer in Norway
a road going through the middle of a mountain with snow capped mountains in the background
the view from top of a mountain looking down at valley below
Beautiful, beautiful Norway.
the mountains are covered in snow and lit up by lights at night, with boats on the water
Reine, Norway