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Texture play for rug

Esquire Evolution Rug Designed by Esti Barnes. Available at Top Floor Rugs. Hand-tufted in Wool.

V-Line Abs Workout To Define Your Lower Abs

There’s nothing more sexy than those V-line abs, also known as V-cut abs, or sex lines. So try these six abdominal exercises to tone and define your lower abs. You don’t need any equipment, just a mat to sit comfortable. You can even do these abs exercise

ArtStation - Fable Legends, Alex Jerjomin

Fable Legends was a great Game that i have spent over 2 years working on, developing a big range of assets and some levels!

Furniture Inspired by Traditional Romanian and Moldovian Craftsmanship

Inspired by our traditional craftsmanship heritage, Quintessence explores the artisanship methodologies and natural materials from a specific region to produce sustainable, meaningful and symbolic artefacts.