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Market-Lane-Coffee #window #manifestation great unique idea for window, display
最近インテリアショップでは、自宅に飾れるサイズの小さな黒板や黒板塗料が多く販売されていますよね。「我が家もカフェ風にしたい!」と実際に購入した方も多いのでは? …
Supermarket/Grocery Store - Woolworths Nicolway Nicolway, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa A.R.E. - Association for Retail Environments
Paint light bulbs and hang from fishing wire!
Is Crate Brewery in London the ultimate DIY cafe? We think so. Just take a look at the details: light fixtures made from box springs, a sign fashioned from screws, a couch made from stacks of burlap coffee sacks, tables lashed together with fishing line.
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Habit Coffee | Victoria #aboard, #sandwich board
A Low Budget Signage Idea Recreates This Bar’s Logo Using Nails
Mug à café lumière pendante. Lampe à suspension. par ZALcreations
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