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there are many pink and silver candy machines on the table with tags attached to them
35+ Easy DIY Valentines Party Ideas for Kids
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valentine candy dog made out of candy bars
Make a Candy Dog for a Fun Kid’s Valentine’s Day Craft and Treat
Make a Valentine's Candy Dog for a Fun Kid's Craft and Treat - Easy and Fun to Make! Made from Hershey's Kisses and Smarties Candy. So cute!
two small candy boxes sitting on top of a wooden table
Easy Valentine Robots - Kiki & Company
Easy and cute Valentine Robot. My kids will have so much fun making these!
some kind of food that is on the table
20 Valentine's for Kids - Creative and Adorable Ideas that are Easy to Make.
VALENTINE ROBOTS...made with a Juice Box, Apple Sauce, & Raisins! These are so cute & something healthy to give the kids!
a pink owl shaped bag with candy in it
Hooo's My Valentine - M&M Treats
Owl Valentines :) Maybe with a tag that says "Owl always be your friend"... ~ Will have to do this with the huge bag for my hubby! lol
three pink candy lollipops with eyes on them are hanging from a wall
Cute DIY Projects
Valentine Clothespin M&M butterflies...
a red bucket filled with candy and heart shaped lollipops on top of a table
Valentines gift for him or her you can easily make
Adorable Valentines gift for him or her (step by step tutorial)
a red vase filled with valentine's day candy
Valentines Day goodness
Valentines Day Hybrid Candy Bouquet ! by MarylinJ
three vases filled with candy and marshmallows on top of a table
cute valentines
a bouquet of flowers with chocolates wrapped in red paper
Ramo de rosas hecho con cartulinas y bombones para San Valentin
a glass vase filled with red roses on top of a table next to a door
Valentines Day Hershey Kiss Bouquet
a vase filled with lots of pink flowers -&nbspsweetcheers Resources and Information.
A handmade arrangement of your favorite candy in a pink heart tin. A great gift for Valentine's Day . Arrangement contains a mix of candy including Kit Kat, Skittles, Twix, Variety of M&Ms, Almond Joy
two vases filled with candy and heart shaped candies on top of a table
Valentine's Candy Bouquet
I am going to do a version of this. I will add tissue flowers, use a dixie cup with a paper sleeve colored by the kids, and not put so much candy, maybe also add some drink mixes. Tada- teacher gifts!!
a jar filled with chocolates sitting on top of a table next to a candy bar
Hugs & Kisses Mason Jar Valentine's Day Gift
valentines mason jar gift
a vase filled with candy sitting on top of a table
Valentine Candy Bouquet ❤
a wreath with hearts and i love you written on it in front of a window
Deco Mesh Valentines Day Wreath
Deco Mesh Valentines Day Wreath. $125.00, via Etsy.
a bunch of red and white bows on top of each other in the shape of a heart
How to make our Valentines Heart Deco Mesh Wreath! by Creative Gift Packaging Inc.
a valentine's day wreath with red, white and pink decorations
LOVE You Lots deco mesh wreath
LOVE You Lots deco mesh wreath. $115.00, via Etsy.
a red and white mesh wreath with hearts on the front door, hanging from a window
a red and white mesh wreath with the letter b on it's front door
Adventures in Decorating
Great blog (Adventures in Decorating) Cute idea for Valentines Day
a red and white wreath with a heart on the front door, decorated with bows
a red mesh wreath with the word love written on it and hearts hanging from the front door
Poly Deco Mesh Wreaths
geo mesh wreaths | Poly Deco Mesh Wreaths | Southern Charm Wreaths
a red frame with a key to my heart and valentine's day card in it
Love Is In The Air…{ Recap and Valentine Features } - Uncommon Designs
Love Is In The Air...{ Recap and Valentine Features } - Uncommon Designs...
three mailboxes are lined up in the shape of candlesticks with hearts on them
19 Delightful Valentine's Day Decor Ideas ...
DIY Valentine Day Decor - mailboxes on candlesticks