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Raised Beds, Cus D'amato, Raising, Raised Garden Beds

Raised Beds, Raised Garden Beds

Edible weeds

"If [we]'re looking for books on wild edibles, we recommend these two books. Edible Wild Plants: Wild Foods From Dirt To Plate[. &] Edible Wild Plants: A North American Field Guide to Over 200 Natural Foods" -Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants share

Amaranth/Pigweed is a common weed that is highly nutritious! Use the greens in soups, stir fries, or salads. eat the dried seeds raw or roasted. The seeds are very high protein and have lysine, fiber, and calcium. A single plant can produce seeds!

Grâul White Sonora la începutul lunii iunie

Building a Living Fence: Osage orange trees (Maclura pomifera), also called hedge apple or horse apple. For an incredibly tough, enduring windbreak that’s a major player in a local ecology, probably nothing surpasses Osage orange.