Pavel Craciun

Pavel Craciun

Sunt un baiat vesel, dragut si amuzant. Fac sport de performanta : Atletism, dar si violoncel.:D
Pavel Craciun
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Entamoeba coli cyst with 6 nuclei, Iodine stain, Wet Prep

Entamoeba coli cysts have 8 nuclei. In the plane of focus of this photomircograph 2 nuclei are in clear focus and 4 "fuzzy" with 2 nuclei not visible.


Taenia spp-- cestode-- tapeworm seen in dogs and cats.eggs are small, brown with 3 pairs of hooks and shell has many lines.needs intermediate host(mice).gravid: eggs in segments

H. nana is smaller and has more crap

The egg of the Hymenolepis nana is characterized by a colorless shell with filaments emerging from polar thickenings and 3 pairs of hooklets within the hexacanth embryo.