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hahaha lol that was funny.

Kids today have no idea what this is (floppy disk). Bitch please. It's a save button.

Hilarious. lets do.

Let's make it happen. Imagine the awestruck faces when your kids realize that omg YOU were a survivor of the apocalypse and you kill zombies and battled aliens. You'd be their biggest hero! Lols, lets do this!

This is just too funny!

Funny pictures about Anger management cat. Oh, and cool pics about Anger management cat. Also, Anger management cat photos.

Creepy story

Sorry it's blurry and I saw this being passed off as a creepy story and I just want to say this is from Supernatural season 1 episode 7 called the episode is called Hook Man


The Barn - a creepy ghost story that truly does have a location to go along with this tale. Don't know if the teacher part is true, but the original story is supposedly true. I like scary stories. They are creepy yet awesome.