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a large window with lots of white and black designs on it's side wall
Shading Screens - Perforated Facade Panels from Bruag Design Factory
Shading Screens - Perforated Facade Panels from Bruag
three panels with different patterns on them, one is brown and the other is white
Gallery of K House / Studio Arthur Casas - 4
"K House" 2012 | Sao Paolo, Brazil • Studio Arthur Casas. Detail of perforated metal wall facade panels, "with a pattern based in the photograph of a leaf."
an upside down map of the world with scissors stuck to it's sides and labeled countries
43 Amazing Gifts Under $200 That Anyone Would Love To Receive
Ebony wood carved into the shape of the world continents, with metallic ‘airplanes’ marking where you’ve been or want to go still!
a room with a brick wall and a world map projected on the wall
Wooden World Map.
the world мар is manufactured of 6 breeds of a wood. wenge, larch, koto, American nut, beech, red wood. wood thickness the 16mm - 25mmmap 2000mm size * 1200mm. the...
a wooden map of the world hanging on a wall
3D Wall Map 3D World Map 3D Wooden Wall Art Push Pin World Map Push Pin Map Wood
MAP SIZES 📍 M - 100 cm x 60 cm (39”x24") 📍 L - 150 cm x 90 cm (59”x35") 📍 XL - 200 cm x 120 cm (79”x47") 📍 XXL - 300 cm x 175 cm (118”x69'')
an orange and white vw bus parked next to a surfboard on the side of a building
"Old" picture from our 2005 Trip
VW Bus - San Francisco WHO WOULD DO THIS TO A VAN. What madness is this?!
the man is holding a large sign in his hand while standing on it's side
Tailgate Wall Bench DIY 101: Fast & Easy Build
Learn How To Build A Tailgate Wall Bench
a white urinal sitting next to a brick wall in a bathroom under a faucet
Gear shifter toilet urinal flush handle
a white toilet sitting inside of a bathroom next to a shower stall with graffiti on the walls