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French Quarter courtyard.  This is a real nice one.  There used to be a guy who kept rabbits in his, and let them all run loose among the plants.

Organic Stenciled STAIRS New Orleans Square Disneyland Hang Nga Guesthouse and Gallery in Dalat, Vietnam Rustic Baron's Palace, Heliopolis, Egypt Glitter Staircase

New Orleans Square in Disneyland, Anaheim CA. Blue Bayou is so good. And they serve the best clam chowder in a bread bowl.

New Orleans Square in Disneyland, Anaheim CA. Even better than plain old New Orleans is New Orleans square in freaking DISNEYLAND! (Okay, it's probably NOT better, but I do love me some Disneyland!

turquoise on Royal Street - New Orleans


Turquoise Shutters Glistened Like, precious Stones, on Royal Street As, mesmerized Kings and queens Wandered The French Quarter, of New Orleans

Brulatour Courtyard, French Quarter, New Orleans.  Magnifique!

New Orleans French Quarters Courtyard ~ Brulatour Courtyard, French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana

courtyards in new orleans | New Orleans courtyard - search in pictures

Picture Archives - Album 546 (Lower Garden District - French Quarter, New Orleans LA, September 20 - - Photo 12 (A courtyard of Williams Residence at 718 Toulouse Street in French Quarter. New Orleans, Louisiana, September

Garden Living (130 pieces)

Doorkijkje this award winning outdoor space was created by recycling fallen trees recycled, gardening, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling, Gazebo built with fallen recycled trees In distance the view is highlighted by a large picture frame