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Sorry for language. I love this meme and Bill and Ford are the best applicants.

What do you mean it’s not gonna happen in the finale? What to you mean this meme is dead?

I'm watching you, nerds

zuzuhe: “ Grunkle Ford and Stan Run Someone had the idea a long time ago, Ford wasn’t included in the opening when he got introduced… someone said it would be funny if he were being carried by his.

I love the comparisons often made between Dipper+Mabel and the Stan twins

Okay I know this is supposed to be all sentimental and touching, but honestly I can't get over that Stanly-Mabel creation! I guess it kind of looks less strange if you keep looking at it though…But amazing photo editing/drawing skills whoever did this!

ŌkamiandFenrix: We protect each other, I do not do these drawings, art if you ask me but I would like them because they have great meaning for us that we would have been born in Gravity Falls.