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Petrica Dumitriu

Petrica Dumitriu
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100+ Stunning Fairy Garden Miniatures Project Ideas

Fairy Gardens (also called miniature gardens) are an enjoyable approach to reveal your creativity in a little space. If you want to alter the look in the fairy garden miniatures ideas, below are some great suggestions that might help you.

... use tin cans for birdhouse roofs ! Let rust/rust yourself/ paint w/Rustoleum…

good idea to use tin cans for birdhouse roofs let rust, rust yourself or paint with rustoleum tri color texture paint looks just like rust. This is the most adorable mini log cabin ever!

Dress Found in the Garden... 3 Inch Dress ~ Lovely Silk Floral Gown with Babys Breath and Moss Sash. Handmade Hanger and Branch Stand with Pearl Shell and Moss base. This is an art piece to add to your Fairy Garden... Handcrafted Dress ~ 3 Inches (neckline to skirt end_ Handcrafted Branch Stand ~ 7 Inches Handcrafted Branch and Twine Hanger See other color options ~ Shown in shades of Green Handcrafted ~ All Silk Flora Hand Selected with Distinct Botanical Characteristics~ Color Selection…

Fairy's Work by Olive* Miniatures , Dress Found in the Garden. Miniature Fairy Dress with Branch Dress Stand ~ Handcrafted by Olive