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DIY Trockenblumen Kranz aus Jute und Stickrahmen im Boho Style
a wreath made out of dried flowers and feathers
Couronne jaune - fleurs séchées - printemps- Chipie Choc création
a circular hanging decoration with pink flowers and leaves on it's side in the shape of a circle
Ring met droogbloemen
an arrangement of dried flowers and candles on a table
two vases filled with different types of flowers on top of a white table next to each other
Bloom&Clay | DIY | Giftidea | Letterboxgift | BloomPost |
three wooden plaques with dried flowers on them and twine in front of the two
a white room with two circular wall hangings on the wall and a wooden bench in front of it
Guten Morgen! #montag #herbstdeko #herbstkranz #tro...
a circular wooden frame with dried flowers and cards hanging on the wall next to it
a wreath with flowers and letters hanging on the wall
decoration cercle floral
a welcome sign made out of flowers on a white background with green trim around it
Dried flower decoration