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if we ever stop this business, we will be unfinished business. and in the end, i know that we won't. because you care about me just as much as i care about you.Should we try again, the golden couple reunited.

You should have been nice to me....

I miss you asshole and how you make me mad. I miss you that you are the only person who can get under my skin the way you do. I miss you arsehole that when I speak to you that I end up in tears almost every single time. Sometimes its because I miss you…


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Way too much faff for Urizen, but as an inspiration picture - it's pretty good. I love the little details, and the decoration

Character Build: The OracleA Skyrim character build by Alastor can be found here Check out Tabletop Gaming Resources for more art, tips and tools for your .

Missing you again...everyday, in every way imaginable.. i love you Jimmy Calaway RIP 10-17-14

I wish you were here with me. I wish you would listen to my voice, or read my poems. I wish you could see God's sweet love for you. I wish you had the love for me you professed. I wish you kept your promises.