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If you don't respect your child's privacy, they'll be afraid to tell you anything. They will feel like they have nowhere to go and that they are trapped. For the love of god, respect people's privacy. I wish my mom read this earlier.

I called a friend of mine "dude" and she just busted up laughing and I told her, "I don't care what your gender is, I'm calling you 'dude.'"

I use "dude" and "bro" in the same way that one would use "what" and "wow" and "really"; And as gender neutral terms. I call everybody dude and/or bro.

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Like I said previously- Can't handle how beautiful he is.He looks good with every hair colour/eye colour combo. He dances like a demon and sings like an angel 160517 SHINee Taemin - Anan Magazine May Issue