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cartoon faces with different facial expressions
Animation References
a number line with numbers on it and some stickers in the bottom row to indicate how
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which is free and had 3D capabilities for free is wild.
The 12 Principles of Animation
These principles serve as guidelines for creating more realistic and appealing animations in both 2D and 3D animation. They are widely used in the animation industry and are considered fundamental to the art of animation.
two hands reaching toward each other with the words, 1 / 200 and 11 / 30
How To Properly Expose An Image: What Is Shutter Speed?
an image of a man standing in the middle of a room with multiple images on it
multiple images of people standing in front of a boat on the beach, with pink squares over them
Rule Of Thirds In Star Wars (Original Trilogy)
a man sitting in front of a computer on top of a wooden desk next to a pile of books
the storyboard shows how to draw motorcycles in different stages, including one being on a motorcycle
a man standing in front of a giant stone structure with blue paint on the walls
宇木敦哉 (@ukiatsuya) on X
The Life of a Rock