Parfeni Giulia

Parfeni Giulia

Parfeni Giulia
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scenicdesign: “Orfeus”Mats Sahlström

Orfeus - Theater Set Design - Mats Sahlström Ok. This is just creepy and I'm not really sure how the colors play into this but what colors are there definitely create a eerie spooky vibe.

Stilt-walkers birds on Antwerp's Christmas market

I spent an entire afternoon on the Christmas market in Antwerp, watching stalls, ice skating, a flamenco performance, a gospel choir and stilt-walkers.

Opera de Nabucco. Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro. Cenografia: Renato Theobaldo.

An article on the worrying situation of theatre activity in Rio de Janeiro and the deliberate neglect of politicians and institutions.