Early Childhood Development

Diagram showing a small boy develop in 6 stages from a newborn to a walking toddler. Text reads: 'What are the Advantages of Secure Attachment in Child Development?'. A list shows 10 items;
1. Emotional Regulation
2. Positive Self-Image
3. Healthy Relationships
4. Resilience
5. Cognitive Development
6. Language Development
7. Social Competence
8. Autonomy and Independence
9. Reduced Risk Of Mental Health Issues
10. Better Stress Management. Secure Attachment Style, Attachment Theory, Secure Attachment, Attachment Styles, Early Childhood Development, Be Consistent, Childhood Development, Advantages And Disadvantages, Developmental Psychology
Secure Attachment in Early Childhood Development: Importance and How to Form
Learn the psychology behind the 4 Attachment Styles, their characteristics & development, and how they influence early childhood development. Everything You Need to Know About Secure Attachment, why it's important and how to create it. Learn how to be consistent, attentive & responsive parents and how to raise happy kids who have a ‘secure’ attachment style with our parenting guide based on science.
Text reads: What are the 4 Parenting Styles?
A diagram with 4 blocks showing examples of:
1. Authoritative parenting: a couple cuddles with their child on the couch
2. Authoritarian parenting: A mom yells at her kid. The child hides himself under a book.
3. Permissive parenting: A little girl bosses her dad around. The parent shrugs it off.
4. Uninvolved parenting: A woman watches her laptop screen, ignoring her two children. The kids try to get her attention. Insecure Attachment, Types Of Parenting, Parenting Styles Chart, Types Of Parenting Styles, Parenting Types, Style Definition, Parent Child Relationship
How do Baumrind's Different Parenting Types Affect Childhood Development?
What Kind Of A Parent Are You? Find out if you are an authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, or neglectful parent with our Parenting Styles Chart & blog based on developmental psychology. Learn the 4 Types Of Parenting Styles and how these shape kids' attachment styles. Parent-child relationships directly impact early childhood development, secure or insecure attachment, your child's overall health & how they will grow to view themselves, others, and their relationships.
Two parents happily swing their child in the air, laughing, and holding the boy by his arms and legs. Text reads: '5 Strategies to Teach Kids Emotional Regulation’. Toddler Development, Temper Tantrums Toddler, Resilience In Children, Intense Emotions, Temper Tantrums, Emotional Resilience, Self Regulation
How to Build Emotional Resilience in Kids for Healthy Early Childhood Development.
Learning to self-regulate is a key milestone in early childhood development. Foundations are laid in the earliest years and effects on mental health & social-emotional learning are lifelong. Guiding toddlers through intense emotions is among parents’ most important tasks. Our complete Parenting Guide examines how emotional self-regulation develops and 5 easy ways we can teach kids self-control, self-discipline, and coping skills through emotional regulation strategies.
A sweet young boy kisses his smiling mom on the nose. Text reads: 'Want to Know what Kids Need from their Parents? 11 things your child wants most from mom and dad (but won't ask for!)'. Grandparenting, Parenting Knowledge, Happy Childhood, Love Parents, Parenting Goals, Bad Parents, Parenting Articles
How to Help Encourage a Growth Mindset for Children in Early Childhood Development.
Most parents miss the simplest opportunities our kids give us to guide them in early childhood, but this doesn't make us bad parents. It's difficult not knowing what kids need to hear from parents, or if there are things your kid wishes you'd do but doesn't know how to tell you. Click here for the 11 best parenting tips you probably did not know about! Support the Basic Needs of your Children and raise happy kids with a positive parent-child relationship.
A small boy smiling and playing with a giant bubble, which is shimmering in front of him. Text reads: 'What the Science Says About Raising Happy Kids'. Strong Brain, Good Relationships, Happy Child, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Happiness Meaning, Kid A, Parenting Strategies
10 Super Simple Keys To Parenting A Happy Child (Science-Based): Early Childhood Development.
Childhood memories and experiences are super important for your Kids' Mental & Emotional Health and Early Childhood Development. Click to Learn 10 Simple Keys To Giving your Kid A Happy Childhood and helping them build a strong brain. Developmental Psychology shows that childhood trauma, abuse, or neglect can cause Adverse Childhood Experiences that affect your health as an adult. Learn good parenting strategies to teach your kids about good relationships and why family is so important.
A crying baby being soothed with a hand on their head. Text reads: 'Why won't my Baby Stop Crying?' Fussy Newborn, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Crying For No Reason, Kangaroo Care, Colicky Baby, Development Milestones, Newborn Baby Tips, Advice For New Moms
Does Your Child Cry All the Time? Baby Care Tips for Early Childhood Development.
A Baby's First Year is an exciting time for new Parents, with Toddlers Reaching Early Childhood Development Milestones. When a colic fussy baby won’t stop crying, it can cause very stressed and tired parents. Genius Newborn Baby Tips to Help Your Baby When They are Crying for No Reason, to figure out what’s wrong & what to do. Learn about why babies cry, how children's brains function during different emotional states, and when professional help is necessary.
A happy young boy playing with a stuffed Zebra on a couch. Text reads: 'How to Teach Self-Control to Kids.' Emotion Coaching, Self Regulation Strategies, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Emotionally Intelligent, Behavior Disorder, Job Satisfaction, Child Psychology
Help Your Child Manage Hard Emotions & Behavior: Early Childhood Development.
What kids learn during Early Childhood Development is life-long, especially for Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children. Helping children learn to cope and teaching kids skills to adjust to the world around them is one of our main tasks as parents. Parenting advice on How to Use Emotion Coaching to Teach Children Healthy Self-Regulation Strategies, for toddlers and preschoolers.
An angry woman screams in the direction of the camera. Text reads: ' 55 Things Narcissistic Mothers Say. Traits & How to Deal With.' Narcissistic Mothers, Sense Of Entitlement, Narcissistic Parent, Narcissistic Mother, Harsh Words, Toxic Family, The Warning
How does Growing Up with a Narcissistic Parent Affect Early Childhood Development?
Dealing with abusive parents, especially narcissistic abuse, is scary and tough. Things narcissistic mothers say in different situations can affect kids deeply from early childhood through to adulthood. Our Science-based advice for toxic family and dealing with being raised by a narcissist will Help You Learn the warning traits of Narcissistic Parents, the Ways Narcissistic Parenting Affects Kids, & How to Heal from a Relationship With A Narcissist.
social and emotional learning program Child Development Psychology, Social Learning Theory, Good Leadership, Emotions Preschool, Good Leadership Skills, Intellectual Development
Factors That Influence child’s development
Many factors influence the child’s development. These are physical, intellectual, spiritual, economic, and social. Family structure, child-rearing methodology, and child care services are three critical factors considered in child development. Social Emotional Learning Curriculum help kids to build a good leadership skills and strong social behavior.
A toddler looks up at their colorful toy with wonder. Text reads: ; How your Baby's Brain Grows. The Importance of Early Childhood Development Every Parent Should Know.' Baby Development Milestones, Brain Growth, Toddler Parenting, Cognitive Development, Brain Development, New Environment, Baby Development
Easy Ways you can Boost your Toddler's Cognitive Development in Early Childhood
Why you should focus on your child's learning during the first few years. Learn How Your Child's Brain Develops and Easy Ways Parents Can Start Teaching Kids Skills to Stimulate Cognitive Development in Early Childhood. Toddler parenting tips, guidance, and baby development milestones.
A man and son sit in sunlight, smiling and laughing together. Text reads: 'How Co-regulation with Parents Teaches Self-Regulation to Kids'. Emotional Child, Discipline Kids, Emotional Regulation, Human Development, Coping Strategies
How Emotional Regulation Grows in the Brain in Early Childhood Development
What Is Co-Regulation and Self-Regulation? Here is A Guide Explaining co-Regulation to Parents with tips and strategies for kids from infancy to early adolescence. Learn How Emotional Regulation Develops in your Child's Brain, and Easy Ways Parents Can Start Teaching Kids Self Control and Coping Skills for Emotional Stress and Mental Wellness in Early Childhood.
A young boy and his mom smiling and laughing together. Text reads: ' Toddler Not Talking? Baby Speech & Language Milestones and When to be Concerned.' Developmental Delays, Baby Talking, Language Delay, Language Disorders, Speech Delay, Expressive Language, Not Talking, Psychology Quotes
Speech And Language Delays in Early Childhood Development: When Should You Worry?
When Do Kids Start Talking and When Should You Start To Worry if your Very Active Toddler is not Talking? A Child's first few years are the most important time for Early Childhood Development, including language development and milestones. Learn how babies communicate, speech and language milestones, and steps you can take to help your baby start talking.