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a cross stitch pattern with two red mushrooms on it's face and one green mushroom in the middle
Alpha pattern #105489
six different types of bead magnets on a white surface, each with an individual's own character
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the pixel keychains have been made to look like cartoon characters on different colors
Adventure Time Perler by CraftinNerdy on DeviantArt
an image of some pixellated pictures on the side of a wall with different colors and shapes
リトルマーメイド - ☆ガンモんち☆
cross stitch patterns with different animals on them
「ポケモン アイロンビーズ 図案 小さめ」の検索結果
four pieces of perler bead art that look like volkswagen type cars with different colors and patterns
two pieces of perler bead art on a white surface with an orange and black skull
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