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a fireworks stick with stars around it
Traditii iarna
a star that is black and white with no outline on the bottom, it's not
someone is holding a star shaped pinata with beads and other items around it on a table
STEAUA - confectionare | Obiceiuri si traditii de Craciun- (lipire, decupare, insirare, innodare)
an open book with a candle on it and the words crackin frickit
an image of a cartoon character wearing a red and yellow hat with a cross on it
a drawing of an old man with a beard and hat on it's head
a poem written in spanish with an image of a teddy bear next to a boot
an image of a cartoon character riding a horse in front of snow covered houses and trees
Legenda lui Moș Nicolae
an image of santa claus riding a horse in the snow
Legenda lui Moș Nicolae