1/100 ARCHITECTURAL MODEL ACCESSORIES SERIES ( http://www.teradamokei.jp/en/ )

TERADAMOKEI produce Architectural Model Accessories Series, because wehope to convey the fun of assembling models and imagining the same.

Dacha is a Russian word for seasonal or year-round second homes often located in the exurbs of Soviet and post-Soviet cities. Cottages or shacks serving as a family's main or only home (or districts of such buildings) are not considered dachas, although many purpose-built dachas are recently being converted for year-round residence. It is estimated that about 50% of Russian families living in large cities have dachas.

If you can get passed the spooky emotions attached to abandoned property you might just discover something beautiful. Often abandoned properties have incredibly detailed and stunning architecture commonly not found .

The Rise And Fall Cat Face Pillow

The Rise And Fall Cat Face Pillow

Antique musician dolls,Hina Matsuri,early 1900´s.(teeth!)

Old Japanese Hina Dolls, Cute Musician Ningyo (item detailed views)

Overstuffed arm chair

Luke Leather Mark Chair - The Mark collection is designed for the consumer that is looking for the LOFT look. It is urban and considered to be casual traditional. The pieces are all very American with pinpoint design and style