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a person holding up a cup with some scissors on it in the snow and wearing black gloves
a hand holding a blue coffee mug with an octopus on it's side and the words n crystal link
a red apple with the words i love you written in white letters on a black background
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a pink coffee cup sitting on top of a wooden table
Кружка со стразами
a coffee cup with the letter d on it next to some white and blue flowers
Кружка со стразами
a pink ribbon with the word breast on it and some small white dots around it
SarahLouBoutique | Etsy
a pair of scissors made out of white pearls on a black background with the word love spelled in it
a hand holding a purple coffee mug with beads on it
a hand holding a red coffee cup with the letter k on it
a hand holding a blue coffee cup with beaded letters on the bottom and sides
a close up of a brooch on a white surface
Всем принцессам принцесса👸! Редкое сочетание приятный и полезный подарок сестре, подруге, маме, жене, принцессе😊 Чайная пара "Принцесса" в наличии в магазинах #amantecrystal , 1870₽ Мы осуществляем доставку по всей России и СНГ Оформим заказ за 5 мин в WatsApp/Viber +79034784191 Доставка почтой 5-6 дней! #amantecrystal #swarovski
a neon sign that says queen with a crown on it's head and dots in the letters
a red coffee mug with white flowers painted on the side and beading around it