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Flip the Magic Cat Scratching Board to create various toy shapes that will keep your cat entertained for hours. Your cat will be engaged in interactive play while also satisfying their natural scratching instincts.
Master the Stage: Wild Rock n Roll Cat Guitar Shirt
Amp Up Your Wardrobe: Wild Rock Feline Tee
Strut your stuff with the "Wild Rock n Roll Cat Guitar Tee." It's the ultimate tribute to those who strut to the beat of their own drum. This shirt isn't just a piece of clothing; it's a badge of honor for the rock soul and cat lover alike. With a graphic that roars as loud as a guitar solo, wear it and embody the spirit of rock 'n' roll rebellion. Perfect for concert-goers, aspiring guitarists, or anyone who believes life should be lived at full volume.
If you need to buy food, toys, and safety items for your active cat, get everything in one place at great prices.

Whiskers & Wisdom: Cat Art & Tees That Speak to Your Soul

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Beautiful gray kitty peaking out of a basket. Would be great for a baby shower or kids room.
"MY DIAMOND ART DIY 5D Full Drill \"My Diamond Art\" Painting Kit Diamond Art, also known as Diamond Painting or Paint with Diamonds is a new craft/hobby for crafters of all ages. Similar in many ways to cross-stitching and paint-by-numbers, Diamond Art is a relaxing and stress-reducing craft that helps improve focus and fine motor skills while creating a beautiful work of art. Diamond Art involves placing small cut rhinestones onto a DMC-coded adhesive canvas creating a beautiful mosaic paintin

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Cat’s bed

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Is your cat chewing off another cat's whiskers? Uncover the reasons behind this behavior and what it reveals about their social structure. Read our article for insights into the feline mind and whisker-related behaviors.


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Looking for a Purr-fect Furry Friend? 🌟🐾
Welcome to Doll Face Persian Kittens! 🐱 With over 35 years in the biz, we're proud to be home to the famous Fancy Feast Cat and have an A+ rating with the BBB. Our adorable Persian kittens come from a DNA PKD, HCM, FELV, FIV negative cattery and are fungus, flea, tick, ear-mite, and parasite free! 🌸✨ Are you ready to welcome a new family member with an estimated life expectancy of 15-18 years (possibly even 20!)? 😻 Then look no further! We are dedicated to healthy, happy cats and specialize in a wide range of colors and sizes. Join our loving community and find your purr-fect match today! Call us at (660) 292-2222 📞 #PersianKittens #DollFacePersians #FancyFeastCat #HealthyKittens #PersianCats
a cat sitting in a bowl with the caption that reads, constipatition in cats
Constipation in cats
Constipation doesn't sound like a serious problem, but it can be for cats. Read to learn about the symptoms to look for and when you should call your vet.
three cats sitting under an umbrella on the ground with leaves around them and one cat is looking at the camera
a small white kitten with blue eyes sitting on a bed
a group of kittens sitting in a basket on a chair
Find Your Perfect Doll Face Persian Kitten Today! 🐱🐈🐾
Looking for the perfect furry companion? Our adorable Doll Face Persian Kittens are up for sale and waiting to bring joy to their new homes! With their charming faces and sweet personalities, these kittens are sure to steal your heart. Whether you're a seasoned cat lover or a first-time pet owner, our Persian kittens are the ideal addition to any family. Don’t miss out on the chance to welcome one of these cuties into your life. Click the link to learn more and reserve your kitten today! 🐾 #PersianKittens 🐾 #DollFacePersians 🐾 #KittensForSale 🐾 #CatLovers 🐾 #AdoptDontShop
Amelia and Sookie got milk
These kitties love their Mega Milk Carton by Cat in the Box