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the interior of a restaurant with round tables and circular lights hanging from the ceiling above
September Coffee
a man sitting at a desk in an empty room
Restaurant Gastroli
Restaurant Gastroli on Behance
an empty room with a marble counter top and black lamp on the wall next to it
Grande Stone Look
The original beauty of stone meets the outstanding strength of stoneware, which accurately interprets the origin materials
a large stone bench sitting inside of a lobby
Works Archive - miriamandtom
Works Archive - miriamandtom
a yellow chair sitting on top of a rug in front of a bookshelf
Carla Large amber velvet armchair
Velvet, mustard coloured luxurious armchair in mustard. Create a comfortable and stylish spot to perch, in line with Scandinavian design.
a bathroom with rocks on the wall and a shower head in it's corner
LIA Leuk Interieur Advies/Lovely Interior Advice: Dark bathrooms
three different pictures of rope and wood with the same color as it appears to have been used
A pad, has been received for this tutorial, I did not expect another line of feeling so great.
two hands are working on a crochet project
How to Tie Treasure Mesh // What first attracted me to Macrame was this. What was it and how do I do it? This video shows you how to tie it, Treasure Mesh; which is easy to do and it creates a high impact for wall hangings and other items. For the sake of time, I had already tied the first 3 rows of knots, and I'll explain how to do that below. // This video shows them done with 10 1/4th inch 8 foot cords which were attached to the bar using the Larks Head Knot. Since the cords were folded in h
a white crocheted doily hanging on a wall next to a potted plant
This item is unavailable | Etsy
Macrame Wall Hanging Large Macrame Wall Hanging by MOXmacrame
there are several pictures showing how to use kitchen utensils in the bedroom and on the bed
Amore Vita
Amore Vita
an open suitcase sitting on top of a wooden floor
instructions for how to tie a knot with rope
Esta parodia en legos de la canción de Iggy Azalea y Britney Spears está para morir de la risa