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an old advertisement for the telefunken turntable and record player from 1950's
Vinyles Passion
Telefunken, 1958
an old fashioned radio sitting next to some suitcases
Music on the move.
a painting of a man holding a skateboard on the back of a red bike
par Rory Kurtz
a dog sitting next to an old record player
Vinyles Passion
a batman poster with the words ceremony in yellow and blue lettering on it
Post-Punk Dark Knight: Shadowplay by Butcher Billy
Post-Punk Dark Knight: Shadowplay by Butcher Billy
a man holding a boombox in front of a store sign with an advertisement on the wall behind him
a painting of a cat holding a cassette player with the words songs that make me purr
CyBeRGaTa - Mostly Cats, New Mexico & Memes
Kitty Made a Mixtape! by Kilkennycat
a woman laying on top of a towel next to a record player