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You're a creative person. You see the world through a unique kaleidoscope. You're naturally artistic and you have a passion for beauty. You easily see the patterns in nature and art and make others see and admire it.

German Film Camera, Vintage Adox Pronto LK Camera, Made in Germany, Schneider Kreuznach Radionar L, White, Black, ohtteam sur Etsy, 43,95 €

German Film Camera Vintage Adox Pronto LK Camera Made in Germany Schneider Kreuznach Radionar L White Black Father Dad USD) by TheThingsThatWere

Fujifilm Unveils a High-End Compact Camera for Control Freaks

FUJIFILM is a premium compact digital camera with high-quality CMOS sensor, impressive "real-time viewfinder" and dual-ring operation.