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Ben Bruce. Andy Biersack. Andy Leo. Alan Ashby. Austin Carlile.

Haha so true.

Can we just talk about this picture of fetus Luke?

Luke Hemmings 5 Seconds of Summer---Major Fetus!


That girls face in the background tho

guYS IM DEAD! Luke hemmings has killed me with this pic ahggggggh is this realll!!?!?!?!?!?!!!?! If so FANGIRL DOWN I REPEAT FANGIRL DOWN

A Luke look a like playing soccer?

*luke with a normal outfit when BAM you see his shoes*

Them thongs(flip flops) tho

"yo we're gonna stand here all dope with mega huge pizzas, come and get it ladies" - luke hemmings "what's going on i couldn't care less" - calum hood

I think I'm going to make this a mural in my bedroom! It's my two favorite things, and pizza!

The accuracy of this tho

the big awkward kid!

Calum Hood and Luke Hemmings 5 Seconds of Summer 5SOS

Calum Hood and Luke Hemmings 5 Seconds of Summer gahhhhh *runs around runs around* cake cake cake *dies*

keep calm and love luke hemmings | shirt luke hemmings flannel 5 seconds of summer ashton irwin michael ...

Luke Hemmings And Ashton Irwin 2014 Shirt luke hemmings flannel 5

Petition for Luke to never ever ever take this jacket off!

Lukey you cutie