Owen Sundance

Owen Sundance

is amassing scattered interests and sympathies.
Owen Sundance
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Cone illusion

A small cone illusion. The effect was created using overlapping circles, aligned at the topmost points. This design can also be seen on a shirt on redbubble.

The Hunger Games PSA.

Hahaaaa yes! So sick of all this "stop bullying" crap. The world is full of bullies and always will be. Teach yr kids to stand up for themselves like my parents did. Bullies bully people who make it easy.

Robert De Niro

How did robert de niro lose weight. How did Robert De Niro get his start in acting? Is anything wrong with Robert De Niro? How did Joel McHale get his start in acting?

John Cusack

John Cusack - John Paul Cusack (born June is an American actor, producer and screenwriter. He was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in High Fidelity Cusack was born to a Catholic Irish-American family in Evanston,

LEGO Ad Campaign

Today we’ve been doing some archive browsing and ran across these print ads for Lego from 5 years ago. Lego is still using this playful aspect in their ads today. When playing with simplicity on your imagination the creative possibilities are endles