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people are walking around in front of a large building with a christmas tree on the corner
Florence, Italy at Christmas Time
a woman sitting at a table with food in front of her eating from a plate
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an empty city street with buildings on both sides
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a woman is looking out the window of a train at the eiffel tower
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Sweaters | Women’s Sweaters, Jumpers & Knitwear
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an outdoor table with food and wine on it in the middle of a city street
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many bicycles are parked next to the water in front of some buildings with boats on it
a woman sitting on top of a cement wall next to the eiffel tower
a cobblestone street lined with tall buildings
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a large christmas tree in front of a cathedral with lights on it's sides
What Is Italy In Winter Like? Everything You Need To Know To Plan The Best Trip - She Goes The Distance
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two people sitting at an outdoor cafe table
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the eiffel tower is seen in the background as it snows
@alexisbenoy ♡
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