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Newborn Wooden Swing tutorial | DIY Prop | Do it yourself props

My Awesome Husband recently made me a really beautiful wooden swing prop.

Rope basket prop DIY

This is a more difficult prop to make, so don't attempt to make it at ten o'clock at night! Materials Needed - 39 foot rope 1 inch diameter.

dreamcatcher prop

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weh-zet photography: DIY Moon Prop Tutorial Bauanleitung Mond für Neugeborenenfotografie Baby Fotografie Newborn Photography Prop Moon, Moon Photo Prop, Wood Moon Prop, DIY

I'm thinking adult size swing

Senior girls pics

My gorgeous cousin Taylor traveled from Indiana this summer for her senior portraits, and I might sound super old here…but I seriously cannot believe she is already I LOVE photographing senior

senior picture ideas?

sprinklers are a great idea for the end of a photo session

jensfabulousstuff | photoshop templates | album templates posing tips Momento Images, Jen Hillenga

Senior Posing Guide for Photographers by tronel


Photography Posing Ideas: Senior Posing by glenna LOVE the flowers in the shot.

How to pose for pictures like a model.

How to help self-conscious subjects pose for photos

Good pose

Senior picture idea for girl in nature. Nature senior picture idea for girl. Nature senior portrait idea for girl. Senior portrait idea for girl in nature. Nature senior portrait pose for girl.