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an image of christmas sweaters and shoes on the side of a blue background with text that
an image of a christmas tree with pictures on the front and back side, which is labeled
an image of snow and trees in different languages
three different scenes with trees and houses in the snow
an info sheet with different types of animals and trees in the snow, ice and water
an adult coloring page with the text in spanish, and a drawing of a woman holding a
a coloring page for santa and his sleigh
an info sheet showing how to use the snowman game
Iarna interactive worksheet for gradinita
the poster shows different types of clothing
Interactive worksheets by ellena36
a poster with pictures of people in winter clothes and trees, snowflakes and other things
Zana Iarna a venit! worksheet
an advertisement with pictures and words on it for children's crafts, including figurines
Evaluare semestrială - toamnă-iarnă activity
an image of some cartoon characters on a white background with words in english and spanish
Toamna-Iarna” worksheet
an activity sheet for children to learn how to spell the letter s with pictures and words
an image of a group of people making a snowman