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The palmistry minor lines, or secondary lines, can reveal an individual’s talents, interests, strengths and weaknesses. Their meanings can vary, depending on the hand shape, markings, mounts and th…

The palmistry minor lines (secondary lines) can reveal talents, strengths and weaknesses.

What is Palm Line Says about Love and Marriage? - Style Idea

Read below about the meanings of three different types of lines. You will be amazed by the result! What palm line says about love and marriage?

Thoth... A master among masters and one if the ancients who teaches immortality. Beloved of Sheshat

Thoth is the god of wisdom, writing and invention and is also considered the Messenger (similar to the Greek god Hermes) and the lord of the Moon.

Ceremonial Magick:  Archangel #Grimoire.

“Archangel Grimoire is inches tall by 10 inches wide, it consists of 320 pages with hand marbled endpapers, it is full bound in veg-tanned virgin calf and coloured with 2 vegetable dyes. The Grimoire it'self represents the Enochian End of Days.

Ancient pigments, modern mystery | symmetry magazine

When Chinese workers searching for water found the famous Terracotta Warriors instead, they brought to light a scientific mystery.

Wait, Did You Just Say Force Field? - Technology Org

Wait, Did You Just Say Force Field?