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an open book with a clock on the front and inside, sitting on a table
Beautifully Engraved and Gilded All-in-One Astronomical Tool
Beautifully Engraved and Gilded All-in-One Astronomical Tool
a blue velvet background with gold fleur de lis on the front and back
Brandmoose: I will design custom professional logo for $15 on fiverr.com
six shields with swords and shield emblems
Premium Vector | Template of heraldic emblems for different design project
the elements of a schoolhouse style collage include books, clocks and other items
21 Living Room Accessories That Upgrade Your Space
several different colored lamps sitting on top of a wooden cabinet next to a potted plant
Table Lamps
Row of ions (c series box set) from Schoolhouse Electric
the rules for teachers framed in an old wooden frame with writing on paper underneath it
One Room Schoolhouse and TPT SALE!!
several different pictures with the words decorating with schoolhouse style
Schoolhouse Style Decor – Jenna Burger Design LLC – Interior Design & Architectural Consulting
Decorating ideas using SCHOOLHOUSE style decor, Round up by www.JennaBurger.com
a painting of a building with many windows and plants in the front, along with other buildings
World's Fair of 1851
an old red church with a steeple and white trim on the front door is surrounded by green grass
The South Branch Schoolhouse, built circa 1874, in Branchburg, NJ. It is a one-room vernacular Italianate schoolhouse, which once educated children in grades 1 through 8 from the surrounding areas of Branchburg and Hillsborough townships and is now used as community space. This schoolhouse is noteworthy for being the last one-room school house in use in Somerset County, closing in 1965. The township rebuilt the bell tower, which had been removed. Discover more history @ www.thehistorygirl.com
an old fashioned school room with desks and chairs
Finally, a 1890's One-Room Schoolhouse
people are sitting at tables and eating in a large room with wooden beams on the ceiling
Vintage Schoolhouse Chic
Vintage Schoolhouse Chic | The Estate of Things
an ornate bathroom with blue and white tiles on the walls, floor, and bathtub
Academy of Omniosophical Arts & Sciences
a bath tub sitting next to a window in a bathroom under a circular stained glass window
Windows show the soul of a home. - LINDA DAVIS - NEFL
a large house surrounded by lush green trees and bushes with pink flowers in the front yard
quotes gardening drawing garden designs garden sleeve tattoo gardening ideas gardening tips garden p
a large white house sitting in the middle of a lush green park next to a pond
an illustration of a rock with moss growing on it and a crystal in the middle
Aquamarine Element
an illustration of a doorway in the middle of a forest with plants growing out of it
Of Peaceful Paths - Click to view on Ko-fi
a library with many books on shelves and lamps hanging from the ceiling over it's seating area
The Knight || James Moriarty - Chapter Two
an artist's rendering of a building with many windows and plants on the roof
Roof Garden
a woman in a wedding dress standing on top of a spiral staircase with columns and pillars
a woman in a white dress standing on top of a spiral staircase with an intricate sculpture next to it
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trees with yellow leaves in the forest
aspens alpine loop october 2011 yellow 3
a group of white trees with birds perched on them in the middle of the forest
Winter Aspen Tree Forest Portrait
Winter Aspens