Samantha Vandeya, DEVIL'S CLAWS: "In depths of despair the Devil's Claws grips my heart"

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Amalia Cioaba, ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE BLUE MIND: A blue flash of inspiration and an Idea is born.

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Alica Horvathova, Discovering

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Osman Sahin, Metamorphosis of Plants: Metamorphosis of plants “ – a tale of transformation and eternal return Petroleum is formed when dead organisms, usually sea plankton and algae, are buried underneath the sedimentary rock layer. There, they undergo intense heat and pressure and turn into petroleum. Once extracted, petroleum is processed and transformed into many things...

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Amalia Cioaba, SAD SHADE OF BLUE: The eggs shells are blue because they miss the chicken.

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Amalia Cioaba, DON QUIXOTE'S WILD BLAUEBLUMEN: The wild flowers in Don Quixote's imagination offer him the blueberries of devotion.

Wiam El-Tamami, THE OUTCAST

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Silva Kuha, The Blue Flowers "ALICE IN WONDERLAND" TEA COLLECTION: I have created a special "Alice in the Wonderland" world in all of my tea jars. There is different blue flower teas: Lavender Tea, Corn Flower Mix, Earl Grey Blue Star, Blue Malva flowers and Dark Blue Malva flowers. p.s one of the teas Blue Malva is really blue like in that cup. Its also healthy tea.

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