Nuclear Winter - Post Apocalypse

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a woman with dreadlocks sitting on top of a tree trunk holding an instrument
Post-Apocalyptic Fashion: Photo
strelok777: “Artifact in the zone ” Zombie Apocalypse, Apocalypse Costume, Dystopia Rising, Wasteland Warrior, Post Apocalyptic Costume, Metro 2033, Post Apo, Gas Masks, Post Apocalyptic Art
strelok777: “Artifact in the zone ”
a woman wearing a mask and holding skis on top of a cement block with trees in the background
Anime North 2012 — S P L A T V I S I O N
Proof that you don't have to wear chunky boots in dystopia.
strelok777: “Artifact in the zone ”
strelok777: “Artifact in the zone ”
several people wearing gas masks looking out the window
Well well Shut-Ins. Looks like the acid rain cleared off to the west and now...I have Trick-or-Treaters. I bought a whole bag of penicillin for the occasion.
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three different types of clothing with fur on them
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This is one of the coolest things I have seen in my life. I need one.
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Official blog of Roxy Lee
a woman wearing a gas mask and dress with her arms stretched out in the air
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post-apoc gasmask ballet. ooh! @Keesha Kimble
an old black and white photo of a man in winter clothing sitting on the ground
World War II: The Invasion of Poland and the Winter War
If you don't dress warmly this could be you.
Sunbleach, Rips, Patches and Scorch Marks. you got a costume. Vintage, Ralph Lauren, Vintage Photos, Costumes, Vintage Soul, American Photo, Anglophile Style, Bw Photo, Pictures
Sunbleach, Rips, Patches and Scorch Marks. you got a costume.
an old black and white photo of a man in fur coat
Fridtjof Nansen, Polar Explorer, 1897