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a wooden table topped with green bottles filled with liquid and metal pipe holders on top of it
Un synthétiseur fabriqué avec des bouteilles de bière. Une opération de Grolsh qui sonne un peu le déjà vu (cf les récentes opérations des annonceurs Gillette et Porsche) mais bon…
two green and black clocks on top of each other in front of a white background
Heineken pallet
Heineken pallet on Behance
there are several bottles with paper mustaches on them and one has a sign that says footbeer
Little Man Mustache Bash {First Birthday} // Hostess with the Mostess®
Adorna las pajitas con siluetas de bigotes / Decorate the straws with mustache silhouettes
an interactive display with beer bottles in front of it
M visual .Técnicas de presentación del producto. Parte del fabricante
the display case is filled with bottles of beer and has two tiered shelves holding them
Point of Purchase Design | POP | POS | POSM | Retail Display | Pinned by
a room filled with lots of red boxes and stools on top of a rug
Beer display
a large semi truck in a store filled with lots of boxes and cans on the floor
Beer display
a man on a skateboard does a trick in the air over stacks of beer cans
13 Brilliantly Clever Point Of Sale Displays
Snowboarding beer | Community Post: 13 Brilliantly Clever Point Of Sale Displays
a baseball stadium filled with lots of blue bottles
More Fun With Beer Displays
Haha! Awesome, ready for the #worldcup! "More Fun With Beer Displays"