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a painting of a man sitting in a chair with his hands on his head and the words,
Как отличить мудака от мужчины: советы психолога
Create Stencil Prints inspired by H.N. Werkman with Gelli Arts® by Marsha Valk
Difficulty: Medium Materials: Gelli Arts® Printing Plate 8″x10″ Gelli Arts® Mini Placement Tool Other: Paper trimmed to 10″x12″ (Simili Japon, 130 gsm) Fineliner Lightpad or window Cutting and measuring equipment Acrylic paint (Golden OPEN Acrylics) 2″ Brayer (Baby) wipe You can find a longer step-by-step video tutorial on and learn how Gelli Arts® artist Marsha Valk created the stencils:
a poster with the words in russian and an image of a man laying on his stomach
О МУДАКАХ - Потрясающая статья о манипуляторах в любовных отношениях
О МУДАКАХ — Потрясающая статья о манипуляторах в любовных отношениях.Слово «мудак» универсальное. #мужчинаженщина #психологияотношений #самоеинтересное #отношения
four square paintings with flowers and plants painted on them in different shades of blue, green, brown and white
some white and black plants on a gray background
field and hedgerow
a person is working on an art project
Jo Horswill | Yesterday we had a big almighty storm sweep through the state, that has sadly taken a life, caused mass damage and cut power to 100s of… | Instagram
two pictures with flowers on them, one is orange and the other has blue in it
from mary margaret briggs- tumblr
Layering Techniques- Learn how to make layers work together
Are you struggling to understand layering techniques and how to make layers work together? 💙 Hi, my name is Susan McCreevy and I help you learn to create stunning layers using Gelli plate and collagraph printing processes, collage layering, and drawing and painting techniques that go beyond the norm, unlocking new dimensions in your artwork. 🎨 This course will allow you to enhance your gel prints with confidence to create vibrant mixed media art. 🖌🥰 The doors close TOMORROW on April 17th! Don’t miss this opportunity!
a blue and gold leaf pattern on black fabric with green, yellow and brown leaves
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Fernwood by Jennifer Young for Benartex - Fernwood Leaves - Midnight Blue
Botanical Gelli Printing Course
Elevate your art with layered backgrounds, collaging, and drawing techniques.🎨 Watch as your creations come to life through the marriage of different elements.✨ This course will guide you through the process of harmoniously combining prints to achieve breathtaking results.🥰 👉🏻Early Bird Price Opens on April 7th!