fruity treats for kids & adults

7 Ways To Eat Rainbows! You can have your rainbow and eat it! Here are seven amazing ways to combine two of the most fantastic things in the world - food, and rainbows! [[MORE]]

Birthday Interview by bestactivitiesforkids: A birthday interview can become a wonderful family tradition! Free printable! #Birthday #Interview

Birthday Interview FREE PRINTABLE this would be great to go with the letters I write each year for the kids 💗

.so cute.

How adorable is this little outfit. carolinec How adorable is this little outfit. How adorable is this little outfit.

color palette no.2

A Door Hues

"a door hue" I'm a huge fan of green and purple together. Don't worry, not painting my front door purple. But love this combo for my kitchen.

A mini gentleman

How to make a tie for your little boy

little guy tie - my little boy looks so cute in them!what a handsome little guy- soo cute!

Frozen Raspberry Pie

Frozen Raspberry Pie Recipe

This frozen raspberry pie has a raspberry meringue filling inside a chocolate cookie crust.

Hand squeezed lemonade with a drop of blue dye - the blue and the yellow of the lemons makes it a pretty turquoise!

turquoise lemonade: blue raspberry kool aid, sugar and country time lemonade mix. would be cute to match wedding colors as a non-alcoholic (or alcoholic) drink!

Cake for cute as a button party

'Cute as a Button' baby shower cake and cupcakes (Compliments of Kim). Cute indeed :-) Add on -could be used for a lalaloopsy party

Pirate Party....and other very cute ideas for kids parties!

~ Captain Hook Pirate Party with the wrapped twine, fabric bunting, the awesome, rustic crates, pirate flags posted on cupcakes lined with striped classic colors! Vintage finishing touch it all.

Minnie mouse themed first birthday ideas

Two-tiered Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake - Click through for entire Minnie Mouse themed Birthday post - L's birthday party to tie in with our trip to Disney! My little cousin LOVES Minnie Mouse, she is like the biggest fan!

21 questions to ask kids about their mom, dad, grandparents, etc...

21 Questions to ask your kids - You could ask these questions about Mommy and Daddy. Would be a cute thing to do each year (with each child, recording ages) maybe around mothers/fathers day to see how the kids (and parents) change and grow.

adorable handprint art project idea from child to parent - you held this hand when i was only 4 years old.

I'd love to get this from my kid.Handprint Great idea for simple Mother's Day (or Father's Day) gift.