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three pages spread out on top of each other with different images and text in them
Beige De Couleur—Editorial Design and Curation by Kévin Magalhaes
Beige De Couleur—Editorial Design and Curation by Kévin Magalhaes
an open pink book with black letters on it
typografie standard
Creative magazine layouts #grid #layout #design #designinspiration #inspiration #creative #creativelayout
two people with their faces close together, one is looking at the camera and the other has
Are you looking for a Special logo to elevate your brand ? Look No further!
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three bills with different designs on them, one is blue and the other is pink
Brody's Surf Poster Design Inspiration, Branding and Design Concept Idea by Zeka Design
Love the vintage, fun, almost joyful nature of this. It's vintage meets modern - which is a nice connection for the heritage meeting future of food.
four different colored posters with an image of a woman in the middle and two men standing behind them
People Poster Design Project Graphic Design Inspiration by Zeka Design
People Full Poster Design and Graphic Design Project by Zeka Design, minimalist poster design layout inspiration, creative digital collage art. Editorial Design Cover art Design. If you want to see the full collection and more graphic design and branding projects check the link! #posterdesign #graphicdesign #editorialdesign
a black and white photo of a man wearing a shirt with the words revolites on it
Le blog de Formes Vives
Révoltes Logiques - Formes Vives, le blog
an image of two people with different colors
IL (Italy) - Coverjunkie
IL (Italy), Magazine Cover. #Magazine #Cover #Layout #Editorial #EditorialDesign #Typography #ArtDirection #Design #GraphicDesign
two posters with different colors and shapes on them
P.A.R - Ileud - étapes:
Le studio catalan P.A.R, formé par Iris Tarraga et Lucía Castro a réalisé le branding de "Ileud"
the stargazer's sister by carie brown is featured in this book cover
Paste Magazine
The Stargazer's Sister, cover design by Oliver Munday Book cover illustration | book cover illustration design | book cover illustration inspiration | book cover illustration creative | Book cover design inspiration | book cover design creative | book cover design art
a book cover with an image of a woman's face and the title eventide
Best Book Covers 2018 - Tale Away
Best Book Covers 2018, Eventide by Therese Bohman - book covers, book covers 2018, book design, best book covers, best book design, cover design, best covers, book cover design, book designers, design inspiration, cover design inspiration, book cover ideas, book design ideas, cover design ideas, book typography, book cover typography, book cover illustration, book cover design ideas
a red and white book with an image of two people in the middle, on a red background
Cherie Paris Editorial Design and Stationery Design from Branding Project Concept by Zeka Design
Editorial Design and Stationery Design from Cherie Paris Branding design and Graphic design project concept by Zeka Design, in this pin you can see the Notebook Cover Design if you want to see the full project check the link! #graphicdesign #branding #stationerydesign