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It's beautiful outside, looks like its raining money babe

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Classic Hip Hop

Today in Hip Hop History: William Michael Griffin Jr. better known as Rakim was born January 1968

Paid In Full

"I think I'ma go out tonight. I need to be around some love" - Money Making Mitch. Paid in Full - 2002

In this week’s issue, Kelefa Sanneh writes about Dapper Dan, a designer who co-opted luxury-brand logos out of his Harlem boutique, creating one-of-a-kind outfits for hip-hop artists, rappers, and gangsters in the '80s (sub req): http://nyr.kr/15P9K20 Click through for a slide show of photographs of some of Dapper Dan’s custom outfits, like those in the photo above, worn by drug dealer Alberto (Alpo) Martinez in 1988: http://nyr.kr/ZHROm8

Gallery: Dapper Dan's Greatest CreationsThe infamous drug dealer Alberto "Alpo" Martinez in 1988