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the types of film are shown in this graphic above it is an image of a film strip
Types of films exercise
a list with the words simon says ideas on it
The Ultimate List of Simon Says Ideas & FREE Printable!
Discover our ultimate collection of Simon Says ideas, complete with a FREE printable!
a text description for the poem living on the streets, which is written in two different languages
Present Simple and Present Continuous online pdf activity
Present Simple and Present Continuous Interactive worksheet
an info sheet describing the different types of halloween costumes and how they are used to make them
KEY: Ghost Story in Present and Past Tenses
a poster with the words present simple or continuous in blue and white, on a beige background
Pdf online worksheet: Present simple vs present continuous
Present simple vs present continuous
Find the Adjectives Literacy Center
This parts of speech literacy center is ideal for first grade students who are learning all about adjectives. Use them in ELA centers, small groups, literacy rotations, morning tubs and so much more!
an ice cream cone with the words in different languages and numbers on top of it
Множественное число в английском языке
Схема образования множественного числа в английском языке
an article about the history of harry potter
Mystery Times - Reading Puzzles
Mystery Times (Reading puzzles) gene…: English ESL worksheets pdf & doc
an advertisement for the children's toy store with instructions on how to use it
Aulas de Inglês, criativas, divertidas
Aulas de Inglês, criativas, divertidas