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Octavian Adrian
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Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope Automatic

anchordivision: “ JUNGHANS X Bench & Loom Germany’s Junghans works a special configuration for their Chronoscope automatic forBench & Loom. The chronoscope “is named.

Touch Skin OLED Watch Concept

Designed by Niels Astrup, the Touch Skin OLED watch concept is a minimal watch with a flat touchscreen OLED display.


German watchmaker Junghans introduces the 2015 Max Bill Chronoscope. Boasting a case holding a modified Valjoux 7750 displaying both time and date, the latest Max Bill Chronoscope iteration hi.

So me and my artist comrades aka mates aka feller friendoz decided to create a daily sketch thingy called "Skratchwork". Skratchwork of Storm