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a fish that is looking at the camera with its mouth open and some corals around it
Day in Photos: June 6, 2011
A masked puffer fish (Arothron diadematus) swims near coral at the Egyptian resort of Madinat Makadi near Hurgada.
a large stingfish with blue and yellow spots on it's face
peaceful eyes
The bluespotted stingray (Dasyatis kuhlii) or Kuhl's stingray, found in the Red Sea by horen.dahab
a school of fish swimming in the ocean
Lunar fusilier
two fish swimming next to each other in the ocean
Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia 2010 (39 of 126)
IAM-039 Pinnate batfish, Platax pinnatus
some very pretty fish in a big tank
Under The Sea .
an orange and blue fish with black stripes on it's face
Southern Red Sea
picasso triggerfish
a close up of a fish on the ocean floor with sand and water behind it
Arabian Picasso triggerfish, Read Sea
two clown fish in an sea anemone with green and red algae around them
Be careful honey.... - - Bilddatenbank, Bilder kostenlos und lizenzfreie Fotos (Slideshow und Bildergalerie)
a red fish with blue dots on it's body and head, in the dark
I've always called them Strawberry Groupers but I guess they are also called Coral Trout.
two fish are swimming on the ocean floor
Cozumel, January 2014
I love photos of tropical fish visiting the reefs......
a fish that is swimming in the water near some corals and other sea life
What Types of Reef Fish Are Found in Florida and the Caribbean?
Common Reef Fish of Florida and the Caribbean
two yellow and black striped fish swimming in the ocean
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Red Sea Bannerfishes, Heniochus intermedus
an orange and white clown fish swimming among sea anemones
Red Sea Clownfish | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a close up of a yellow and blue sea anemone
Christmas tree worms
Spirobranchus giganteus