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two plastic jugs sitting on top of a counter
How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent
576 loads of laundry for $6. I have pinned this before, but I like these directions better. # Pin++ for Pinterest #
an open cabinet with cleaning products and other items in it that says, from this to this
25 DIY Green Cleaning Recipes For the Whole House
25 DIY Green Cleaning Tips
a bottle filled with green liquid sitting on top of a wooden table
14 Bleach-Free Surface Disinfectants
14 bleach free surface disinfectants
two glass bottles filled with liquid sitting next to each other
66 All-Natural Cleaning Solutions That Really Work
66 all natural cleaning solutions. Most of this you have in your house already.
three bottles with blue and green liquids in them, one containing an all natural bug spray
Homemade All Natural Bug Spray
Homemade bug spray.
a bottle of liquid sitting on top of a wooden table next to a plastic bag
Homemade Mosquito Repellent – Deet-Free Spray that WORKS!
Homemade mosquite repellant (vanilla and lavender)-great for outdoor parties
the book cover for 19 houseplants that are edible
Types of Houseplants To Clean Indoor Air — Sustainable Baby Steps
19 Houseplants That Clean & Purify Indoor Air ♥
three empty glass bottles are sitting on a wooden table with ribbons in the top and bottom
{Holiday Neighbor Gift} Homemade Vanilla Extract
I can't wait to make my own vanilla extract :)
the ingredients for this recipe include oranges, grapefruit and other fruit juice
Green Cleaning - Pink Pistachio
green cleaning ideas
cranberries, oranges and cinnamon sticks are mixed together in a pot with water
The Smells of the Season
Smells of the season...
three bottles of antibacterial cleaner sitting on a counter
Four Homemade Cleaners
Homemade: How to Make 100 of Everyday Products